Slowcooker Apple Butter


It is Crock-tober!!! Hooray!!! In honor of this wonderful month and fall and picking apples and everything great about this time of year, I bring you, the easiest apple butter recipe in the world. We went apple picking last week and came back with around 40 pounds of apples. My motto is “Go big or go home.” or “Go way too big and get so many apples you don’t know what to do with them all, and then feel overwhelmed when you get home.”  But, never fear, the crock pot is here! Let me first start by saying that I had never eaten apple butter before now. Never. I had an apple allergy growing up and really steered clear of most apple things unless they were raw.  Nonetheless, I jumped right in. Clay loves apple butter. He is from Virginia and apple butter is commonplace there so I knew I had a tough critic on my hands. I decided to make some for him. Ingredients: APPLES, 2 cinnamon sticks, 1-2 tbsp. of ground cloves, 1 cup of coconut sugar.

SONY DSCFirst, I started with enough apples to fill a crockpot. If you plan of making a ton of apple dishes or butter or sauce, save yourself the agony and get a peeler. I would still be peeling apples right now it if wasn’t for this thing.

SONY DSCIsn’t it pretty? I love the way it looks and it’s really fun to do! Next, after adding all your apples add your cinnamon sticks and clove.

SONY DSCAfter the cinnamon and clove, sprinkle your sugar over the top of your apples.

SONY DSC Actually, one of little Lightning’s favorite snacks is an apple slice with coconut sugar sprinkled over the top. I can’t say I don’t blame him. It is delicious.

SONY DSCI set my crock pot on low and went to bed. I let these little babes simmer for about 12 hours and when I walked into the kitchen the next morning this is how they looked! So perfect and yummy. I ladled those bad boys into the food processor before I canned them to make them extra smooshy smooth.

SONY DSCI got an astounding thumbs up from Clay and little Lightning and that’s all I was going for! SONY DSCCan I get an amen? This was soooo super yummy. I mean, really really good! And did you see how easy?!?! There are like 4 ingredients. 4. That’s it. Save yourself the $6 a jar and make apple butter yourself. This can be canned (like I did) or can be frozen in separate freezer baggies and keeps in the fridge for up too a week. This recipe makes about 12 small jars. Perfect for gift giving.

The Chewy Granola Momma,



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