What is Chewy Granola?

What is a chewy granola mom? Who is chewy granola? Can I be a chewy granola mom? I love these questions!

Chewy granola is just a phrase that I came up with to explain the teetering place that I feel like a ton of moms fall into. It’s somewhere between being holistic and being mainstream. It’s somewhere between farm fresh eggs and buying plain white eggs at the store. It’s somewhere between eating organic slow-cooked chicken and chicken lunch meat. It’s balancing a holistic lifestyle and a mainstream one without feeling guilty. It’s breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Are you chewy granola? Do you fall into this category?

We eat an extremely natural diet in everyday life but that doesn’t mean I don’t love a big plate of french fries every once in a while. I wanted to birth at home with a midwife but I was high risk, so I birthed in a hospital. We use cloth diapers but if we go on vacation or I don’t feel up to doing an extra load of laundry we use disposable diapers.

Do I feel guilty about this?!?! NO. Why would I? Should you feel guilty?!?! No. And I will tell you why…

Because every little change is still a change. Because every essential oil use instead of a pain-killer is still a win. Because breastfeeding for just a day is still breastfeeding.  It still counts. Because grabbing a couple organic apples and the rest regular apples is still great. You are feeding your family apples instead of chips. All of these count. I am tired of the guilt shaming because different moms make different decisions. So we don’t always make crunchy decisions. Does that cancel the crunchy decisions we do make? NO.  No more guilt. From now on, you can just refer to yourself as Chewy Granola.

It’s granola just not as crunchy.

The Chewy Granola Momma,